Recruitment & Retention Policy

The following policy is within the aims and objectives of the club to:

  1. Encourage and promote the development of football within the community
  2. Provide the opportunity for players of both sexes and all ages to play competitive football
  3. To support and provide the best playing amenities and equipment available

It is not club policy to approach other clubs with the idea of signing players. If players from outside clubs approach Upton Football Club they will be accepted in line with the above criteria.

Retention Policy

It is the policy of Upton Football Club to encourage players to join the club in line with the above criteria. Once a member of Upton Football Club, players are encouraged to play a full part in the life of the club by attending both training and social events. If a player indicates a wish to leave the club, it will be the duty of the relevant team manager/coach to establish any reasons for unrest and to report these to the management committee.

The club will actively back any player and/or official wishing to take coaching, first aid or any other football connected qualifications which are likely to benefit both the individual and the club. It is hoped that by supporting personal and team development, players will foster a loyalty to Upton Football Club.

Attracting Players

The club will actively attempt to attract players under the above criteria by:

  1. Liaising on a regular basis with local schools. This will be done by personal contact with staff, posters, information sheets about the club, direct contact with pupils (with the schools’ permission) and appeals through school newsletters. The club will endeavour to foster good relationships with local schools and to use school facilities wherever and whenever possible. This will include pitches and changing facilities.
  2. Regular articles in the media and local promotional outlets, including appeals for players and staff.
  3. Posters placed in Upton village at strategic points such as the village library and newsagents.
  4. Word of mouth and personal contact with existing players who may be aware of other players who wish to join the club.
  5. Through an appeal at the club’s annual presentation and social occasions.

Members of the club will be responsible for promoting the good name of Upton Football Club wherever and whenever possible.