Development Plan

The club development plan reflects our mission statement and aims which can be found on the Home Page.

The development plan for 2003 to 2008 seeks to achieve the following:

  1. To acquire The Football Association Charter Standard Community Club Award
  2. To establish and develop girls football
  3. To develop new teams within the club
  4. To develop links with local schools
  5. To increase parental involvement within the club
  6. To recruit and retain players and coaches
  7. To develop opportunities for staff training
  8. To develop opportunities for people of all abilities to play football within the club
  9. To develop in-service training
  10. To develop referees within the club
  11. To develop links with other clubs (professional and non-professional)
  12. To further develop lines of communication
  13. To increase funding
  14. To acquire our own ground and club house
Staff Development

Players, Coaches and Club Officials are encouraged to undertake a variety of qualifications and acquire skills which can be utilised by the club. Financial support is available for this. This has resulted in members gaining coaching, first aid, sports psychology, child protection and administrational qualifications over the past couple of years.

A register of skills and qualifications has been established. The club committee discusses all requests for financial support for development. The committee regularly looks at additional development programmes in a number of areas.

It is planned to hold training days for coaches/managers and volunteers to encourage their development and the club has developed its own information packs as well as use of commercial videos and materials to this end.

Club Coaches are encouraged to join the Football Association Coaches Association. Coaches are encouraged to develop their coaching skills wherever possible. Our Staff Development programme can be found in Aim 7 of the Development Plan.

Referees’ Development

Upton Football Club fully recognises the importance of referees to the game of football. All players are instructed to accept the decision of the match referee. Dissent from players towards match officials is not tolerated and persistent offenders can expect to be asked to answer to the Club Committee as well as the relevant disciplinary bodies.

In order to further the development of referees, the club is keen to recruit qualified officials and it is our intention to appoint a qualified referee to look after recruitment and retention of qualified officials within the club.

In addition, the club encourages players, officials, managers and coaches to undertake referees’ courses and to pass on their expertise to other club members. We are very proud that we have more than ten qualified referees on our staff at the present time. Our Referees Development programme can be found in Aim 10 of the Development Plan.